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Explore Downtown LA From The Comfort of Oceana Hotel

Explore Downtown LA From The Comfort of Oceana Hotel

Explore Downtown LA From The Comfort of Oceana Hotel

Los Angeles is a great city to explore for any traveler, and there’s no better place to stay than at the luxurious Oceana Hotel Santa Monica. With its central location near some of downtown L.A.’s most iconic landmarks, Oceana offers an unforgettable arts and culture experience that can’t be matched. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the exciting activities you can enjoy while staying at this exclusive destination.

Discover World-Class Art at LACMA and The Broad

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s best art galleries and museums, and two of these are located just minutes away from Oceana Hotel Santa Monica. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has been around since 1965 and its impressive collection includes works from ancient times all the way up to modern day. It also offers several interactive exhibits that offer insight into both local and international cultures. For those looking for more contemporary pieces, The Broad is perfect; it features some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists in a stunningly designed space. Both galleries are definitely worth exploring during your stay!

Explore Historical Landmarks

Downtown Los Angeles is full of history, with many landmarks dating back hundreds of years that tell stories about L.A.’s past and present culture. From Union Station – one of the oldest railway stations in the United States – to Grand Park – a public park boasting 12 acres filled with fountains, sculptures, gardens – there’s something for everyone here! Additionally, visitors can experience downtown L.A.’s vibrant streetscape by taking a leisurely stroll along Olvera Street or checking out Little Tokyo – home to many Japanese restaurants and shops offering authentic goods.

Rich Cultural Locations

Experience the thrill of exploring Downtown Los Angeles. Check out rich cultural locations, such as Disney Hall, Grand Park and numerous theaters like the Theatre at Ace Hotel. Enjoy it’s legendary historical landmarks such as Union Station or the Bradbury Building. Taste the vibrant and delicious foods from a variety of restaurants ranging from Mexican to Vietnamese. Unwind with a variety of music playing in lounge bars or live entertainment concerts playing in local venues. And don’t miss out on experiencing LA dance — from giant flamenco festivals to salsa nights, you’ll find something for everyone’s taste and liking! Make your way to Downtown Los Angeles for an experience you won’t forget!

Money Saving Tips

Oceana Hotel Santa Monica is the perfect place for out-of-town visitors to experience the charming vibes of Santa Monica. To help guests have an unforgettable and affordable stay, Oceana offers a range of money saving tips. This includes booking in advance to get the best rates, using services such as Uber or Lyft to get around the city instead of car rentals, and exploring the surrounding areas on foot to take advantage of tourist discounts. Oceana also provides detailed FAQs which answer common questions such as what amenities are offered in each room and how many people can a room accommodate. Guests are encouraged to read through these FAQs as Oceana is devoted to ensure all guests have an amazing trip that fits their budget.


How close is Oceana Hotel Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles?

Oceana Hotel Santa Monica is 6 miles away from downtown Los Angeles – making it easy to get there in just 20 minutes by car or 40 minutes via public transportation (Metro Bus).

Are there any activities I can do while staying in the hotel?

Yes! Oceana Hotel Santa Monica offers exciting activities such as yoga classes on their rooftop deck overlooking the ocean and poolside gaming activities like giant Jenga! Additionally, their concierge desk can arrange bike tours along the iconic Venice Beach boardwalk or guided hikes through Topanga State Park for guests who want more adventure during their stay!

What restaurants are nearby?

There are many delicious restaurants within walking distance from Oceana Hotel Santa Monica ranging from casual cafes serving American favorites like burgers & fries to gourmet eateries specializing in ethnic cuisines like Korean BBQ & Japanese sushi. The hotel also offers an onsite restaurant called OceanAve, with locally sourced ingredients delivered nightly, so you never have to go far for a delicious meal!

Oceana Hotel Santa Monica provides travelers with an ideal base from which they can explore downtown Los Angeles and its many attractions without missing out on anything important or unique during their trip. From discovering world-class art at LACMA or The Broad to exploring historical landmarks or experiencing bustling streetscapes, Oceana makes it easy for guests to make sure they don’t miss out on any part of what downtown LA has to offer! With its amazing amenities and central location near many popular attractions, you won’t find a better place to stay while visiting downtown Los Angeles than Oceana Hotel Santa Monica!