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Hilton’s Oceana Santa Monica, LXR Hotels & Resorts Guide

Hilton's Oceana Santa Monica, LXR Hotels & Resorts Guide

With miles of beaches, nightlife hotspots, and various museums and cultural attractions, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to Santa Monica every year. But if you’re looking for something special during your visit, Hilton’s Oceana Santa Monica, LXR & Resorts offer an insider look at the city’s best. From the breathtaking ocean views to the exquisite dining experiences and luxurious accommodations, this is one destination you won’t miss. Let’s take a closer look at what these locations have to offer.

A Luxury Hotel Getaway in Santa Monica

Hilton’s Oceana Santa Monica is a luxury resort steps away from the beach. The rooms are spacious and luxurious, with modern décor and amenities, including mini-fridges, coffeemakers, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The hotel also features two outdoor pools with cabanas that are perfect for soaking up some sun on a hot day. There is also a fitness center and spa, making it the perfect place for relaxation after a long day exploring all that Santa Monica offers.

Dining Experiences fit for Foodies

If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Santa Monica, you won’t miss out on LXR & Resorts’ restaurant offerings. Their renowned chefs serve up delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms in the area. Their menu includes fresh seafood dishes and classic comfort foods like macaroni, cheese, or steak fries. You can also treat yourself to one of their famous cocktails or craft beers while taking in stunning views of the oceanfront or mountainside from their rooftop patio.

Unforgettable Tours of Santa Monica

Hilton’s Oceana Santa Monica, LXR Hotels & Resorts offers guests exclusive tours of some of the city’s top attractions, such as Venice Beach Boardwalk or Third Street Promenade Shopping Center, where they can explore local shops and restaurants while taking in stunning views from various vantage points along the way. Guests can also enjoy guided biking tours along the beachfront path, which takes them past iconic landmarks such as Muscle Beach or Pacific Park amusement park, where they can soak up some sun while experiencing unique rides and games such as roller coasters or Ferris wheels! These tours provide an unforgettable experience that will leave lasting memories for years!

Must-Do Activities in Santa Monica Beach

street sign reading ocean avenue, Hilton's Oceana Santa Monica, LXR Hotels & Resorts Guide

Santa Monica beach is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. With its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, white sand beaches, and bustling boardwalk, there are plenty of exciting activities to do here. Everyone can find something that speaks to them, from professional beach sports tournaments to romantic strolls on the pier. There are so many activities and opportunities for fun that it can be hard to decide where to start. The possibilities are endless, from hidden gems and secret spots to local vendors and delicious restaurants. Here’s a guide on all the must-do activities, eateries, vendors, and secret spots while vacationing in Santa Monica Beach. 

Santa Monica Pier

One of the most iconic attractions in Santa Monica is the world-renowned pier. It is home to amusement park rides, including the historic 1922 carousel, a solar-powered Ferris wheel, plenty of shops and restaurants, and an aquarium with sea lions and other marine life. The pier also hosts concerts throughout the year in its outdoor amphitheater. For those looking for more laid back entertainment at the pier, try fishing or strolling along, taking in the views. 

Water Sports

In addition to its famous pier, Santa Monica offers countless activities for water lovers. Whether you’re into surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or beach volleyball – you’ll find everything you need in this sunny beach town! Rent gear from one of several nearby surf shops or join one of the many group classes available for beginner surfers. There are also sailing charters available if you want to explore some of nature’s beauty from the ocean waves. 

Lively Neighborhoods

Santa Monica boasts not only amazing beaches but lively neighborhoods as well! Take some time and explore Main Street bursting with boutique stores selling unique items from fashion apparel to vintage furniture and jewelry stores offering one-of-a-kind designs. Top it off with an array of eclectic restaurants ranging from Mexican taquerias to seafood joints offering fresh catches right off their boats. There’s something here that will satisfy every palate! 

Palisades Park

palisades park walkway, Hilton's Oceana Santa Monica, LXR Hotels & Resorts Guide

For those looking for something a bit more low-key, try checking out some of Santa Monica’s secret spots! Venture down Ocean Front Walk towards Venice Beach and discover small art galleries near Muscle Beach. Take a relaxing afternoon strolling through Palisades Park, with breathtaking views and stunning architecture along the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

Beach Sports Tournaments

For those looking for some activity on the beach, there are several tournaments held throughout the year with international and national athletes competing, from volleyball, and surfing competitions, to stand-up paddle boarding races and more. In addition, you can also join in on friendly games of beach football or badminton. 

Romantic Strolls 

Whether it’s a first date or a 50th-anniversary celebration, taking a romantic walk along Santa Monica Pier should not be missed! The pier offers spectacular views of the surrounding ocean and coastline and plenty of spots for getting cozy, like classic Ferris wheels rides and amusement park attractions such as roller coasters and mini golf courses. As night falls, remember to check out local street performers playing live music during sunset hours – perfect for setting up an unforgettable evening! 


bicycle parked by sand with santa monica pier in the back, Hilton's Oceana Santa Monica, LXR Hotels & Resorts Guide

Those looking to explore beyond just the beach area can rent bicycles from local vendors near Ocean Avenue and take advantage of scenic views even further away from the coastlines – making it possible for visitors to discover hidden gems within this city, such as murals by renowned artists like Shepard Fairey or gardens tucked away in residential areas. Additionally, bike paths take cyclists through diverse neighborhoods like Venice Beach, where they can explore craft shops and eateries that are off-the-beaten-path! 


Fishing is another popular activity here at Santa Monica Pier – all you need is a fishing license from any nearby tackle shop (or bait shop) before heading out into the deeper waters near shorelines where many different types of fish can be caught – including sea bass and mackerels! Due to strict regulations in California waters regarding fishing, we recommend researching beforehand before trying your luck. 

Restaurants & Local Vendors

The vacation would only be complete with sampling some uniquely local cuisine. Luckily enough, there’s no shortage here in Santa Monica, where dozens upon dozens of world-class restaurants offer everything from Mexican street food stands serving tacos al pastor up to fancier ones offering seafood dishes crafted with fresh ingredients sourced directly from local fishermen every day! Additionally, you’ll find many independent vendors selling handmade jewelry or souvenirs made right here in town – giving visitors yet another unique opportunity when shopping around this bustling city! 

Venice Beach Canal

venice beach canal

There are still plenty of other must-do activities one could enjoy while visiting Santa Monica; this includes taking sunset cruises along Venice Beach Canal, which allow passengers to see beautiful mansions owned by celebrities living nearby, or perhaps visiting Muscle Beach, which has been home for bodybuilders since 1940s; finally don’t forget about 3rd Street Promenade which has renowned boutiques offering everything from home accessories up luxury clothing items – making sure every visitor finds something special during their stay at this fantastic coastal paradise!

The Lobster Restaurant 

This classic seafood spot has been serving fresh seafood dishes since 1979, and its menu features classic items like fish tacos and calamari, as well as unique dishes like the spicy lobster roll. After dinner, stroll down Ocean Avenue for some shopping – with boutique shops selling everything from clothing and jewelry to home decor items and souvenirs. 

Tongva Park

If you’re looking for something off-the-beaten path during your stay at Oceana Hotel Santa Monica, take a walk towards Tongva Park. Here you’ll find peaceful paths winding through gardens of Mediterranean-style plants where you can escape from busy city life and relax amidst tranquil surroundings. 

Rustic Canyon Park

Another secret spot worth visiting is Rustic Canyon Park – it may be small, but within its boundaries are several hiking trails leading up steep hillsides that offer stunning views of Los Angeles county below. With so much beauty all around, it’s easy to see why people love vacationing at Santa Monica beach!

Local Flavors

Visit one of several farmers markets held throughout the week where you can sample vegetables harvested by local growers or head over to Third Street Promenade for delicious street food like Kogi BBQ tacos or gourmet ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus! You won’t be disappointed with any choice you make when it comes to satisfying your cravings while visiting this sunny beach town!


Santa Monica is known for its stunning beaches, nightlife hotspots, and cultural attractions – but there’s so much more to explore if you know where to look! Hilton’s Oceana Santa Monica offers visitors an insider’s perspective with luxury accommodation, delicious dining experiences fit for foodies, and unforgettable tours of some of the city’s most iconic sights. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure – Hilton’s Oceana Santa Monica certainly won’t disappoint! So get ready – your next unforgettable trip awaits!