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Oceana Hotel Penthouse Lanai Suite

Everyone wants their own private patch of beach. Feel the ocean wind sweeping over you, the smell of the sea, the setting sun glittering off the sparkling waves as you wrap yourself in a bathrobe and slippers. With a suite with a private terrace in Santa Monica right on the beach, you can watch the ocean, set apart from everyone else. This private lanai is the perfect place for a young traveler to rest, relax, and regroup for a few moments. You’ll have room to decompress and relax in a private suite, with the Pacific Ocean as your personal backdrop out of your picture windows. The Oceana Penthouse Lanai Suite offers a luxurious private outdoor setting with views to kill for and a setting that’s all yours.


Coastline Views

This penthouse suite with a private terrace in Santa Monica is perfectly positioned to see up and down the glittering California coastline. Located on Ocean Avenue, less than a hop, skip, or jump away from the salty surf, your penthouse looks out onto the waves. With a private terrace that you access right from your suite, you have as long as you want to soak in the sights of the sea.


Luxury With A View

We understand that sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. As lovely as the walking-distance nightlife is, once you have some of the delicious food from the nearby restaurants, you might feel more like a nap or a quiet night in than a night out clubbing. Luckily, you can still enjoy the ambiance and serenity from your suite with a private terrace in Santa Monica. Wander through your curated in-room library, rifle through the pre-stocked mini bar, slip into a robe, and snatch a custom cashmere throw to ward off the ocean chill as you curl up on your private terrace to enjoy the elegance of the night in peace.


The Personal Touches

While being alone is essential and a huge part of why you get a suite with a private terrace in Santa Monica, our staff is here to add the personal touches that keep you comfortable. We offer newspaper delivery so you can keep up to date with what’s happening and even read the paper on your private terrace. Our laundry, dry cleaning, steaming, and shoe shine service offer the first garment complimentary, and we have nightly turn down service. And, of course, if there’s anything else we can help with, an in-room guest request device lets you call down for whatever else you need.


Entertain and Enjoy

Your suite has plenty of room to hang out and enjoy your time. Whether the team is coming over to enjoy the room or it’s just a room for two, your separate living and dining areas offer plenty of space. Crank the tunes of the Bluetooth-enable Hi-fi sound system, get the mood just right with Smart lighting, and crack open the mini bar. The best part is that a suite with a private terrace in Santa Monica offers a secluded place for the party to spill into or for you to have a stolen moment away from the world. Our lanai series provides a perfect opportunity to look out on the beach in calm moments of luxury.


Penthouse with a Patch Of Earth

Even though you’re on the top floor, you should still be able to enjoy being outside. After all, our prime location on the ocean is the best opportunity for enjoying the beautiful seaside view. In our suite with private terrace in Santa Monica, you have a personal lanai you can use for peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation. In addition, our private luxury suites are perfect for executives, travelers, and small families to have a quiet and serene place away from everything.

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