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Pacific Park: A Time-Honored Amusement Park

Pacific Park: A Time-Honored Amusement Park

Pacific Park: A Time-Honored Amusement Park

Uncover the crown jewel of Southern California’s golden shores as you explore the captivating Santa Monica Pier, a mesmerizing canvas with sun-kissed beaches, sapphire skies, and irresistible entertainment opportunities. Embrace the thrill of a bygone era while making unforgettable memories in the heart of the pier – Pacific Park – a time-honored amusement park charming visitors for over two adventurous decades.

History of Pacific Park

Roam the hallowed grounds of the Santa Monica Pier, a wonderland born over a century ago, initially serving as a port for coastal cargo, only to blossom into an enchanting escape, drawing tourists and natives under its spell. Come, lose yourself amid the stunning meld of old-world charm and electrifying fun at Pacific Park – a must-visit destination that sparkles with delight for every gallivanting heart. Once upon a time in the roaring 1920s, a magical pier brimming with dazzling attractions – from a grand ballroom to a whimsical carousel – captured the hearts and imaginations of all who visited.

The beautiful pier couldn’t withstand the test of time, though, and as the decades rolled by, it slowly crumbled into a shadow of its former glory. By the 1970s, the pier’s fate seemed sealed, destined to be wiped from existence, until a group of spirited citizens rose to its defense. With a mighty wave of determination, they formed the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation and set out to restore the pier’s sparkle.

In the 1980s, a rebirth began, and by 1996, the pier soared back to life as Pacific Park, a fantastical world of delights capturing the hearts of a new generation. In this place, rides and attractions ignite joy and wonder in visitors of all ages.

Rides and Attractions 

Among these delightful amusements dwells the great Pacific Wheel, a sky-high Ferris wheel soaring 130 feet above the earth, carrying adventurers in its 20 gondolas toward the heavens. From this magical carousel in the sky, one can glimpse the vast kingdom of the ocean and the lands beyond. The Pacific Wheel wondrously spins stories old and new, inspiring awe and enchantment in each soul brave enough to join its journey skyward. 

Get ready for a pure adrenaline rush as you hop on the West Coaster at Pacific Park, a spine-tingling steel beast that zooms up to 35 mph, plunging you into a breathtaking 55-foot abyss with heart-pumping twists and turns. When you catch your breath, dive into the world of Inkie’s Wave Jumper, a bouncy adventure mimicking the whimsical dance of ocean waves, or become a brave sailor aboard the Sea Dragon, a swashbuckling pirate ship soaring as high as 44 feet!

The fun doesn’t stop there – showcase your innate talents as you smash those pesky moles, master Skee-Ball, or conquer the mighty High Striker. Are you feeling more adventurous? Scale the heights of a challenging rock wall or immerse yourself in a mind-blowing virtual reality experience. Don’t forget, the arcade beckons with the sweet nostalgia of beloved games like Pac-Man and Galaga.

Food and Dining

A delightful gastronomical journey also awaits your taste buds at Pacific Park. Embark on a culinary adventure amidst the electrifying ambiance of Pacific Park, where your taste buds are in for a thrilling ride! Unleash your inner child and satiate those nostalgic cravings with hot dogs, cotton candy, and the ever-luscious funnel cakes. Or, level up your food game by indulging in mouthwatering, belly-filling wonders like hearty burgers or lip-smacking pizza. Rest assured, the park’s gastronomic delights cater to all, including vegetarian and gluten-free connoisseurs.

Are you craving a dining panorama like no other? Pacific Park boasts two stellar restaurants graced with great choices. Treat yourself to an ocean-view feast at The Pier Burger as you indulge in sizzling burgers, crispy fries, tasty salads, and heavenly sandwiches. Soak in the sea-kissed breeze with outdoor seating, or revel in cozy comforts indoors. Let your epicurean escapades shine as bright as the amusement rides in Pacific Park! 

Events and Entertainment 

Dive into a vibrant world of entertainment and events all year round at the marvelous Pacific Park. Groove to the tunes of beachside concerts every Thursday during the summer, featuring a kaleidoscope of genres just for you. But wait, there’s more! Unwind with movie nights under the stars, stimulate your artistic senses at art shows, and revel in the holiday festivities to create memories you’ll cherish forever.

Planning a celebration, be it a birthday bash or a corporate gala? Pacific Park has covered you with private event spaces guaranteed to impress your guests. With breathtaking ocean vistas, let the VIP Lounge elevate your special occasion to new heights. Cater to your whims with a full bar and customizable catering services, accommodating up to 150 guests.

Discover the magic of Pacific Park, where endless fun awaits you! Please choose from our enticing packages filled with thrilling rides, mouthwatering food, ice-cold beverages, and exclusive seating zones, making your visit an unforgettable experience.

Visiting Pacific Park

Pacific Park welcomes you all year, boasting extended summertime hours for weekend warriors and holiday enthusiasts, letting you bask in the sunshine from 11:00 am until midnight. We don’t forget our weekday visitors – we’re open from noon until 8:00 pm! And when the seasons change, we adapt our calendar to ensure you can still experience our wonderland on weekends, holidays and surprise weekdays.


Did you know that admission to Pacific Park is free? The excitement of our rides and attractions requires a ticket or an all-day wristband for limitless joy. If you want to indulge your taste buds, our combo packages include food vouchers for a diverse culinary treat.


Are you worried about parking? Don’t be! We’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from. So come and embark on an electrifying journey with us in Pacific Park! Cruising into the Santa Monica Pier, you’ll spot a convenient parking lot awaiting your arrival, with time-based rates to suit your adventure’s duration. But don’t fret if the lot is full – trusty parking garages and elusive street spots await your discovery nearby.


Once you step into the magical realm of Pacific Park, prepare yourself: a sea of enthusiastic visitors might greet you, particularly during peak season. Fear not, though! A bit of savvy planning – opting for a weekday or an early start – can let you outsmart the crowds. Still, crave a breezier experience? Unlock supernatural powers with a Fast Pass to breeze past lines for select rides!

The Santa Monica Pier’s Pacific Park enchants locals and wide-eyed tourists. The legendary Ferris wheel, thrilling rides, and cornucopia of delectable food and entertainment options have cast their spell on visitors for over twenty mesmerizing years. Let the enchantment embrace you too! Book your stay at Oceana Santa Monica today!